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Some of the things I can help you with...

OCD/ anxiety

OCD/ Anxiety 

I specialise in treating Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I provide Rumination Focused ERP for all subtypes of OCD including harm, real event, POCD, ROCD, Scrupulosity/ Moral OCD, sensory motor and staring OCD. I can help you with other anxieties such as rumination, panic attacks, social anxiety and phobias. 



I can help you identify why you feel this way and decide what changes to make. For depression I offer CBT or counselling / psychotherapy if you want time and space to explore and process why you find yourself in the place you are currently in.

Bi Polar Disorder

I can help you make sense of your diagnosis and educe the impact Bi-Polar has on you and your loved ones. We would help you to identify your unique warning signs and triggers to an episode. We would find ways that you could introduce more balance so overall you felt more stable and settled and identify ways that you could reduce the impact of an episode if and when it occurred again. 

Bi-Polar Disorder



I am trained to assess and diagnose youth and adult ADHD. As a non medical doctor I can't prescribe, but you can forward the ADHD diagnosis report to your GP or private psychiatrist for a medication review. I can provide on-going psychological support post diagnosis to help you make sense of it and find practical ways of living with ADHD. 

Faith based therapy

If you're a Christian you might prefer to work with someone who shares your faith. You may not want to talk specifically about faith, but knowing I understand and share your worldview might be helpful. It could be helpful if you're not a Christian but you'd like to see someone who comes from a faith background. That said, you do not need to be a Christian or have any religious/ spiritual faith to see me. 

Life events & transitions 

Have you had a life changing event forced upon you such as bereavement, a divorce, work related stress or being bullied at work, unemployment, a miscarriage or fertility problemsHave you chosen to do something or gone down a path that that has not worked out well for you or you don't know whether to continue? Maybe you are questioning your Christian faith or you are adjusting since leaving a religious group and need someone to talk it through in a safe non-judgemental space.  I can help you to make sense of what's happened and what may happen in the future, adjust to the changes and gain some clarity about what to do next. 

Life events & Transitions
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