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Why Therapy?

Do you feel low in mood, are you depressed, or do you suffer from anxiety, excessive worry or rumination? 

Do you have any obsessive or compulsive behaviours or habits that affect your life? 

Have you run out of space because of excessive collecting or hoarding?

Do you struggle to manage your emotions or deal with other people's emotions? 

Maybe you have experienced a traumatic event in childhood or more recently, which is hindering your progress or perhaps that you think can't stop thinking about. 

Have you gone through a change in your circumstances such as a relationship breakdown, bereavement, unemployment? Are questioning your religious faith and need some space to process  your faith journey and its impact? 

Are you loosing the battle with alcohol or other drugs and want to achieve and maintain sobriety? 

Do you need help to refocus or motivate yourself or set short or long term goals?

Sometimes we need help from a Psychologist to cope with life's challenges; if you do, please contact me, I would be honoured to help you work towards better days. 


Phobias, excessive worry (GAD), social anxiety, OCD, health anxiety


low mood, loss of motivation, low energy, loss of interest, inactivity


Hoarding Disorder, Decluttering, Excessive collecting 

Life events 

Bereavement, faith crisis, loss of employment, illness, career change, adjustment


Alcohol, substances, prescribed medication, gambling


Emotional & behavioural regulation, distress tolerance, impulsivity

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